The Best Time To View Condos (If You Are Thinking of Buying)

Hi friends!

The summer is wrapping up, but that doesn’t mean the beach is slowing down!

I always have people ask- when is the best time to come to the beach? My personal favorite is September-November. The temperatures are cooler, the beaches are not as crowded and we still have beautiful weather to spend time on the beach.

Many people takes trips to the beach for leisure, but they also want to get down to business to find their own piece of paradise! At the end of the day, the best time to see a condo is ANYTIME! But, August- November is a great time for multiple reasons.

  1. Not as many renters in condo units so you are able to see more units. One of the issues buyers find during the summertime is that it is challenging trying to get into units because of coordinating when renters will not be there or finding a turnover time.
  2. Less traffic = less time in the car. When we don’t have as many summer tourists, driving from condo to condo or city to city is quicker.
  3. Another window of time- the month of May! May is just after spring break, but before the summer crown heads this way. You are usually able to get into most condos and still can enjoy the beautiful weather in between showings.

As I mentioned above, no matter what time of year- I will work it out so you are able to see as many units as you like! My goal is to accommodate you to find a property that best suits your needs.

I wanted to write this blog since we are coming up on one of the best windows of time to visit the beach, view condos, and enjoy a vacation or long weekend.

If you are coming down this fall (or anytime!), I would love to help you however I can. Call me at (251) 233-0654 or email at and we will get rocking and rolling to find you your own piece of paradise!

To search what the Gulf Coast has to offer, click here.

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