3 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home For Fall

Happy almost weekend friends!

I hope you had a great week and are back in the swing of things with school being back in session. I wanted to put together a blog with a few ideas to spruce up your home in this new season!

  1. Cacti & Succulents
Photo Courtesy of Getty Images and Country Living

Surely you have noticed the new craze for succulents in every home… I was not sure about them at first, but now I love these little buggers! They are a cute, inexpensive, low maintenance way to add greenery to your home. And- because they come in all shapes and sizes- you can stick them anywhere! Personally, I think they are a great addition to a guest or hall bathroom. They also look beautiful in kitchen windows. I even have a few on my desk!

Check out this article from Country Living on different types of cacti you can have in your home.

2. Add a shag pillow to your couch

Photo courtesy of Cassidy Garcia

Nothing feels as cozy as a fuzzy rug or pillow- am I right? Fall is the perfect time to switch out your pillows to some warmer tones to contrast the cooler temperatures! I love this idea of making these shag pillows- could be a fun DIY weekend project!

Check out everything you need and all the details from this HGTV article found here.

3. Add a DIY scarecrow somewhere around the house!

Photo Courtesy of Giggles Galore

Who doesn’t love a cute scarecrow? This could be a super sweet and fun project for the whole family. If you have younger children or grandchildren, here is your next weekend activity! These are simple, but fun ideas to create your own scarecrows and you can find them here.

Well friends, that’s all I have for this blog- but if you end up adding some of these ideas to your home make sure you post a picture and tag me. I would love to see!

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