3 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal This Fall

Happy Friday friends,

I’ve got some really fun ideas to add curb appeal to your home this season. I hope you decide to try some out!

  1. New Front Door Color

Feeling like you need a change? How about trying a pop of color… A red front door is always a good idea, but I also really love the idea of a bright blue or turquoise. I also think a deep green would be a nice touch as well. Did you know that green is the only color that the eyes don’t have to adjust to? That is why greens are usually used in spas- they are a calming color!

If you are thinking of trying a new front door color- check out this article from Better Homes & Gardens.

2. Add a porch swing

Photo Courtesy of Brian Woodcock

Now that the temperatures are falling a bit… What a great time to add a porch swing! Hang your swing, add some cute pillows, and enjoy your evenings. I also think these swings are something buyers really like to see- so if you are thinking of ever selling- this could be a little “extra” that buyers enjoy. Much like a fireplace- most people don’t see a fireplace as a deal breaker, but it sure can’t hurt to have one.

Find more ideas in this Country Living article.

3. Vamp Up Exterior Lights

Photo Courtesy of DIY Network

Outdoor lighting is huge because it can be a real focal point for the front of your home. Even after dark when people can’t see your planters or door color, they can still get a feel for your home from your lighting.

For some ideas, check out this article from DIY Network.

I hope you decide to try some of these out! If there is anything I can help with putting ideas into action- call me and let’s talk!

To find your dream home or condo, click here.

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