Staged To Sold- 3 Easy Ways to Spruce Your Space

I have found that 4-5 years ago, every buyer wanted a fixer upper. They preferred a property that needed some tender loving care. These folks wanted to put their own touch on their new home or condo.

However, I’m finding that now, more and more folks want a property that is turnkey. They want to walk in, throw on their flip flops, and head to the beach. Because of this, when looking for properties- They are drawn to more updated spaces.

So what does that mean for the homes and condos that need a little sprucing up? All hope is not lost and thousands of dollars need not be spent. There are little changes that can be made that truly make a huge difference to buyers.

I’m going to show you what I did with my most recent sold listing in the master bedroom, master bathroom, and living area. This property is in a fantastic location and at a great price point for Orange Beach. However, it needed a little tweaking to show better in pictures and for buyers.

  1. Master Bathroom

In the master bathroom, we began with a lot of different colors. I wanted to really give a clean look throughout the condo so buyers were really looking at the big picture, not just the decor. I think white or blues always gives a clean feel to a room. So, I took away the shower curtain and rug, and added the white curtain, rug, and some clean towels. It brightened up the bathroom and I think made a huge difference.

2. Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, I made some similar changes as we did in the bathroom. I added the plain white comforter along with more pillows to give a fuller look. This way, when a buyer walks in the room, they are not distracted by the bedspread. But instead, see the room as a whole.

3. Living Room

This room was probably where the most transformation took place! The living space is nice and open, but it felt smaller due to the array of colors and decorative pieces. The first thing I did was clear the fireplace and put away the decorative items. Even though these small pieces weren’t clutter, to someone walking in, that is the appearance it gives off. Second, I took down some of the curtains and pushed them to the side. I love natural light so I really wanted to let that soak in the room. Lastly, I added some decorative pillows to add a little pop of color.

I was so excited to get this condo sold for my sellers. This is a great property, but just needed a little sprucing up. If you are thinking of selling, but need a little help on the staging, I would love to help however I can.

(251) 233-0654 đŸ™‚

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